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Straight out of North Dakota from our very own Bully Brew comes Cold Brewed Coffee infused with Alpine Hemp!

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Alpine Hemp Has the Best CBD Products!

The Market Continues to Grow

More and more people are discovering the usage of CBD. The market continues to grow and in 2019, the global market is estimated at 7.1 billion USD and projected to rise to 9.3 billion USD by the end of 2020. Numbers can go up to 20 billion USD by 2024. As the market continues to grow and more people are turning to CBD oil products, different companies also keep coming up with innovations on the products. From flowers to tinctures to body products, CBD oil now comes in many different forms for the many ways it can be put into use. And no company has gone to such great lengths to ensure quality and choices for their customers than Alpine Hemp.

Alpine Hemp is committed to producing high-quality varieties of premium CBD for sale. We carry the best CBD oil products in the market, from a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, to CBD isolates – the choice is yours so you can buy the best CBD oil. We go beyond CBD with some of our products to give people access to CBD formulations featuring only the finest and freshest all-natural ingredients. Just want the pure CBD experience that you have come to know and love? We have you covered there as well with products like our Pure CBD capsules. But if you are looking for that something extra for your CBD experience, then we have a full line of products to meet your needs.

Since CBD supports your body’s naturally functioning mechanisms that keep your body healthy and in homeostasis, Alpine Hemp has the item you are looking for. Our flowers are available in buds and premium pre-rolls that include all your favorite cultivars of hemp. Our capsules are meant for different purposes, so the choice is yours for anything specific you may be feeling – for sleep aid, joint & muscle pains, fat burners, for energy, anxiety, and in pure CBD oil and all-natural ingredients for maximum peace of mind. Each product is carefully curated by our team of top product development experts to achieve the best-targeted results in the final product. Our gummy candies come in different flavors and shapes, too – worms, bears, watermelon, and peach – for your daily serving of CBD that is never boring and always delicious.

As for our CBD tinctures, all are hand-crafted, with lovingly and expertly curated flavors for your distinguishing palates for anyone wanting a great-tasting CBD tincture. The Isolate line is best for those who are first responders, military, or anyone drug tested regularly for their profession. Our broad-spectrum products are also THC-fee, so they are a great choice as well. And because we test all our product batches, we proudly display our Certificate of Analysis for everyone to see exactly what is exactly in our products. That is how proud and confident we are that we have provided our customers with the best CBD products available. Alpine Hemp concentrates contain untainted cannabinoids and plant derivatives to ensure the purest health benefits you can get.

A Few Things We’re Passionate About

At Alpine Hemp, we have a few strongly held beliefs and practices that we think set us apart and generate the best overall experience for everyone.

Third Party Testing

Everything we use and everything we create is third party tested for potency, pesticides, and metals.

We have very strict expectations for our products, and you should too!

Get Lab Results

World-Class Flavors

Our Master Mixologist spends countless hours creating and testing new flavor combinations to elevate and enhance your CBD experience.  The days of one or two boring flavors are far behind us!

Get Variety

1% For the Planet

We believe in the benefits that nature has to offer which is why we believe in giving back to the planet.  Healthy Planet; Healthy People!  We are a 1% For the Planet company.

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Even your pampered little four-legged best friend can enjoy having the best CBD oil with our Bacon Flavor Pet Tincture. Ease their aches and pains or help them calm down with a few drops of the tincture. So, give your pet the care they deserve, and we are sure they will love you for it. With the great taste, your pet will think they are getting a treat, which makes giving them their daily serving of CBD an enjoyable task.

Our pain mist, salve, and freeze gel formula give you the power of CBD right where you need it, without having to ingest – simply apply directly onto your target area, massage gently, and feel the relief within minutes. Infused with cannabidiol and other all-natural herbs, you are guaranteed a high-quality pain-relief product that comes from nature’s loving arms. However, for those experiencing chronic or acute pain, they may want to double up and use one of these amazing topical CBD products along with one of our great-tasting CBD tinctures.

New to CBD? Not sure if CBD is for you?

Start your journey of healthy exploration with this informative article that will separate fact from fiction and give you great insight into the world of CBD.

Learn About CBD

Want more info on CBD? 

Do you already use and enjoy CBD but want to know more?

Take a deeper dive into how this amazing plant works with our bodies.

CBD Expert Level

Alpine Hemp products are carefully tested by a product development team, to ensure that each product contains not just high-quality raw CBD ingredients, but the best CBD oil and concentrates. Our product development team continues to study how to best use CBD and incorporate them into our products, making them available to more people depending on their needs and preferences. It is also a joy for us to keep finding new ways to use CBD oil and how it will help make lives easier – whether it is providing relief for pain, anxiety, or for your beloved four-legged family member – and providing holistic support for everyone, because being healthy does not have to be boring or taste badly.

Alpine Hemp strives every day to be the best CBD company in the entire industry and continues to provide a variety of products at the most affordable prices. Online CBD companies and brick and mortar stores are increasing in number, but Alpine Hemp is sure to provide you with the products you are looking for that are worth every cent. Our friendly and professional staff are always ready to answer your questions and we continue to come up with different promotional offers so you can also have opportunities to save big with the purchases you make at Alpine Hemp.

Alpine Hemp also makes another commitment, and that is a commitment to a sustainable business and a sustainable planet for all with our partnership with 1% for the Planet. We are proud to disclose that we donate one percent of all profits to this great and visionary organization. And that is not one percent of all sales, but one percent of all profits. And we still are providing you with the highest quality hemp products and doing so at prices that do not put a barrier between anyone and access to the best CBD products. And the founders of 1% for the Planet, Yvon Chouinard (founder of the Patagonia) and Craig Matthews (founder of Blue Ribbon Flies), are two great business and even better people who love nature and want to keep it pristine.

Best CBD Vape Oil

“We connect our members with high-impact nonprofit partners that align with their values and add to their brand story. In doing so, we take the time to get to know what’s really important to our members. Through our partnership advising process, we learned that member, Klean Kanteen cares deeply about a myriad causes, which include connecting young people to the wonder and science of our world through environmental education. Beginning in 2008, Klean Kanteen’s support of NatureBridge is one of our longest-standing partnerships.”

What are you waiting for? Check out our products and experience for yourself high-quality CBD for sale. Of course, we will always recommend consulting with your physician before using any of our products especially if you are under certain prescription medications that will react with CBD oil. While we aim to provide holistic support for each individual, we understand that some circumstances will require strict medical attention that our company cannot provide as we do not diagnose any illnesses, but we can offer alternative treatments at the recommendations of your health care providers. We support your health care team in making sure you get the best advice and recommendations for optimal health, and we are happy to assist in providing alternative methods where pharmaceutics no longer work or will not be the best possible option.

Life.  Balanced.



Different CBD products for different lifestyles.  Pure CBD isolate, Full Spectrum tinctures and capsules, THC Free tinctures and gummies, and much more.  Everyone is a bit different, and so are we.?

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Buy CBD oil, Alpine Hemp! Best Quality CBD for everyone!
Buy CBD oil, Alpine Hemp! Best Quality CBD for everyone!
Buy CBD oil, Alpine Hemp! Best Quality CBD for everyone!

Our Commitment to Premium Raw CBD

Alpine Hemp always uses the best raw CBD in our products. Whether we are making products from full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD distillate, or CBD isolate, our raw CBD comes from organically grown hemp that is processed and refined in the purest way possible. Our preferred method of extraction is carbon dioxide supercritical extraction. During this process, the CBD biomass is processed at supercritical low temperatures, way below freezing. At this temperature, the carbon dioxide is both a gas and a liquid. This helps to get the most of the good stuff extracted from the biomass into the oil. This way we can guarantee the safest and highest quality end product to our consumers and get the most bang for our back to pass the savings onto you!

Our experts have a combined decade of experience and know the ins and outs of every process. That is why our products are both high quality, and we offer a uniquely large selection of different products that cater to our customers wants and needs. Waxes and fats can seriously affect the product in a negative way. These materials can alter the chemical makeup of CBD oils over time. This is due to exposure to many different elements. These elements can include light, temperature, and oxygen. This can lead to the oil becoming cloudy and giving the CBD oil a less beautiful appearance. In addition to contributing to an unwanted appearance of your CBD oil and the products you make; waxes and lipids can affect the flavor and the smoothness of the finished product. This is especially true in CBD vaping products and CBD tinctures. Vape pens and vaping products rely on heat to vaporize the oils or whatever a person is wanting to vaporize. Waxes and other fats such as lipids require higher temperatures to vaporize. Thus, the resulting vaping experience is diminished. Also, these waxes and fats can make the tinctures taste badly, and thus ruins the CBD experience for many people.

Winterization is another technique that extraction experts like to use when processing hemp oils. This is true for other oils as well. In this technique, raw CBD oils are dissolved into a solvent. For most CBD extraction methods, the solvent most extractors rely on is ethanol. This is due to the fact that the remaining ethanol can evaporate at room temperatures. In winterization, this whole process takes place at extremely low temperatures, thus the name winterization. One of the biggest drawbacks to the winterization process is the destruction of delicate oils called terpenes.

Alpine Hemp also ensures that all our products fall below the 0.3% concentration requirement of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and most of our products, such as our broad-spectrum product line and CBD isolate have absolutely no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in them. Alpine Hemp believes in supporting your health. This means that Alpine Hemp products are designed to enhance your life. Our products will never negatively affect your everyday life. We give you the maximum power of CBD oil and our other natural ingredients without affecting your mental processes and making you feel high as you go about your daily routines. At Alpine Hemp, we are about being healthy without the high.

Because Alpine Hemp is promising the best CBD products available, third party test results are available for scrutiny and we guarantee that every ingredient that goes into our products is carefully tested. We believe that nature’s alternatives to pharmaceuticals must be delivered in the best ways possible, and our hemp plants are organically cultivated without pesticides – growing the way nature wants it to be, so you can be sure that our products are pure and at he the best possible quality. We believe the environment that blesses us so richly with its natural properties. We believe in taking care of nature because it also takes care of us.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.