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Hemp Oil for Dogs

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All-Natural Care – The Best Hemp Oil for Dogs

We all want to give our furry friends the best hemp oil for dogs. That is because we love our pets and they love us. So why would you give your pet a product that you would not buy for yourself?

You wouldn’t! That is why Alpine Hemp developed our Pet Tincture. Our hemp oil for dogs is made from the same raw premium Cannabidiol that we use in our products designed for humans and formulated by the same experts that stand behind our impressive line of premium hemp products.We considered your pooch’s refined palette when choosing a flavor for our hemp oil pet product. After all, it seemed a pretty easy choice when considering a flavor that all dogs would love. So, we settled on bacon flavor because what dog does not like bacon?! And for anyone who has had to fight with their pet to take their medicine, you can understand the need for a product that your dog actually looks forward to taking. Taking care of your pet should be a rewarding experience for both of you! So make sure you and your dog try our hemp oil for dogs and get back to the things that you and your best friend enjoy doing.Our pooch pals can fall victim to some of the same issues that plague their human counterparts. With the same system, the endocannabinoid system, it is no wonder why people are turning to hemp oil for dogs and other CBD products that are specifically designed to aid our pets.


Our hemp oil for dogs is a great choice to support your pet during times of high stress. Our pets love us and depend on us. Some pets can experience extreme cases of separation anxiety. So what is the answer? Some people have experimented with pet clothing. The idea behind this clothing is that it comforts the pet like a constant hug. That sounds amazing in theory, but many pet owners are experiencing buyer’s remorse after trying out similar “shirts.” Bypass the feelings of disappointment and added undue stress on your pet. Choose our hemp oil for dogs and get it right the first time. Your pet will thank you for it.

Muscle and Joints

Our free-spirited pooches can be happy-go-lucky characters. Much like us, they can get aches and pains in their muscles and joints, and even experience some serious injuries. Nobody wants to see their loved ones in pain. And our pets are no different. If people are turning to and choose CBD products in record numbers, then maybe we should think about CBD for our pets for similar experiences, right? Some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to muscle and joint problems. Why wait till they develop problems? With our hemp oil for dogs, you do not have to. Take the proactive approach and keep your pet feeling like a puppy!

Older Dogs

Dogs are full of personality. Some stay and act like puppies forever, while some seem like they are enjoying an early retirement. Older pets are susceptible to a variety of ailments. Because they love us and are devoted to us, they can hide their issues well. Buy a bottle of our hemp oil for dogs in our great bacon flavor and watch your older pet return to their old self. We all want to feel the same way we did in our younger years. Let us give our older pets the gift of feeling young again with our pet tincture. We promise that they will be back to their old selves in no time, and with our money-back guarantee, we take the worry out of the buying process. We have you and your pet covered at the same time.

Digestion Issues and Loss of Appetite

We have probably all felt that if our pets could talk to us then things would be easier. But that does not stop us from talking to our pets or believing they are communicating back with us. That may be true for some of us, but for the most part, pets cannot express to us properly when they may be dealing with something. That is why it is important to be on the lookout for signs from our furry friends so we can take quick action when things are out of whack. One of the main issues affecting pets is digestion issues which can lead to a loss of appetite and some more serious consequences. If you notice that your pet is not eating as much as they used to, then your pet could be experiencing a serious digestion issue. Our hemp oil for dogs comes in a great bacon-flavored tincture for ease of use. Because pets love the flavor, you do not have to battle with your pet to take their tincture daily.

Trouble Sleeping

For some of us, we have probably thought that our dog or other pet could sleep all day if we would allow it. As with humans, sleep problems can lead to more serious issues with your pet. When it comes to dealing with these issues, we recommend doubling up on the standard serving size depending on the size of your pet. For serving size recommendations for our hemp oil for dogs, read on to see our recommendations based on the size of your pet. And do not forget that it may be another issue that is leading to your pet’s inability to achieve a restful night of sleep. Discomfort could be a leading cause of what is messing with your dog’s sleep cycle. We got you both covered there as well.

Canine Aggression

At Alpine Hemp, we love all dogs. But we can understand if your pet does not share our love and appreciation of all pets. And that is ok! Your otherwise lovable pet could be a good boy or girl at home, and then have a personality shift when surrounded by other dogs. Do not miss out on the joy of the dog park or outdoor activities. Help your pooch become the same happy pup that he or she may be at home with our hemp oil for dogs.

Overall Wellness

If you could give something to your pet to prevent any of the above-mentioned issues, would you do it? Why wait till your furry friend is in pain and suffering to try and help them. As we mentioned before, some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to certain ailments based on their genetics due to years of crossbreeding. If this is the case for your pet, then we highly recommend taking a proactive approach. And because our hemp oil for dogs is made from the highest quality ingredients, you can start them on our pet CBD products from a young age!

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Does Hemp Oil Work For Dogs?

Does Hemp Oil For Dogs Contain THC?

The short answer is yes! Why would it not?! Our beloved pets have the same endocannabinoid system that we all have. This system is your pet’s health monitoring system. With receptors in all tissues, your pet’s endocannabinoid system is their first alert to any break down in the homeostasis of their body. Your dog might be your first alert system and CBD can support the healthy functioning of their endocannabinoid system.

Most hemp oils for dogs come in tinctures or dog chews. This is for obvious reasons and is the easiest way for your pet to get their daily serving of CBD.

Hemp Oil for Dogs 3

Hemp oil for dogs usually does not contain any THC. If it does, the amount is lower than .3 percent and usually well below that amount. If the pet product is made from a broad-spectrum CBD or a CBD isolate, then the THC content will be even lower. These CBD products will not get your pet high. Your pet may seem more relaxed but this is not evidence of any THC being used in the products.Alpine Hemp is committed to making the best product or products for your pets the same way we make the best products for you. That is because we make the best products we can no matter what.

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How Much Should I Give My Pet

Pets come in all different sizes. This can make it especially confusing when deciding how much CBD you should be giving to your pet. This can also depend on why you are giving your pet CBD. Obviously, the more serious the issue the larger the serving size should be. Also, it is also a good idea to start with a larger serving to help flood your pet’s system with CBD, much like you would do when you start taking CBD.

Small Dogs

When using hemp oil for small dogs, a little can go a long way. We recommend starting with 5 mg of CBD twice per day, and you can add 1 mg per 10 lbs. So, a 10-pound dog would be good with a serving size of 5 mg of CBD, and a 50-pound dog would be good with a serving size of 10 mg of CBD.
Hemp Oil for Dogs

Medium Dogs

Medium-sized dogs could be categorized as anywhere from 50-75 lbs. A good serving size of hemp oil for dogs in this category would be 10-15 mg of CBD per serving. Depending on the issue and the severity of this issue, you could do more or less. We recommend always starting with two servings per day.

Large Dogs

Large breed dogs are any dog over 75 lbs. 15 mg of CBD per serving is a great place to start with dogs in this category. At 15 mg, you could even do 2 servings twice per day depending on the amount of CBD per serving. The important thing to remember is to monitor your pet as you are increasing and decreasing their servings and/or their milligrams of CBD per serving.

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How Often Should My Pet Take CBD

The times at which you give your dog their serving of CBD is totally up to you. We recommend starting out with at least 2 servings a day. Just like with humans, it is a good idea to start off with more CBD and then adjust the size of the serving to meet your needs. If your dog’s issue generally happens at the same time or in the same situation, then it could be a good idea to give your pet a serving before those times.

Are There Any Side Effects

Hemp oil for dogs has not been known to cause any major side effects. Compared to other medications and/or supplements, CBD is extremely mild when comparing side effects. Side effects in dogs are similar to those in humans. These can include dry mouth, upset stomach or drowsiness. All of these have been reported in large serving sizes.

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Bacon Tincture

What type of CBD oil do you use in our hemp oil for dogs?

Our pets deserve the best, and that is why we use the same pure CBD oil in our hemp oil for dogs. Specifically, we start with a full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. Full-spectrum pure CBD hemp oil can be a confusing term. Some may think every cannabinoid (over 100 different cannabinoids) are present in full-spectrum CBD oils. This is almost never the case. This is because cannabinoids occur at different amounts in different cultivars of cannabis. In marijuana plants, THC is the most prevalent with CBD, CBG, CBC, or CBN occurring at levels around one percent.In hemp plants, CBD is the most prevalent with CBG, CBC, CBN, and other cannabinoids in the one to five percent range. These full-spectrum oils usually begin as crude CBD oil. The CBD content in these oils is usually in the mid-thirty percent range. Depending on the methods and the advancements of current technologies, some companies have been able to preserve these cannabinoid profiles while increasing the CBD content past sixty percent. But usually, the percentage of other cannabinoids drops as you process the oil to increase the CBD percent amount.

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