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Can CBD Help with Anxiety?

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Persons who suffer from anxiety attacks know that it is never easy when one comes along. They struggle to avoid triggers as much as possible, but sometimes even when they are at their best and strongest moments, an attack still happens. They try different methods of relaxation to calm them down or ease symptoms, all while being mindful of their surroundings and their situations.While these methods often work, for others, their anxiety attacks are so severe, they require medication. However, most prescription medicines bring plenty of unwanted side effects, such as nausea, insomnia, tremors, or even addiction or dependency on the drug. Such side effects are also dangerous for persons with anxiety, so one wonders how they can help, or if they ease symptoms at all. Some prescription medications put users to sleep, but they wake up feeling groggy and rarely function normally after taking the medicine, and this might bring on more problems instead of treating anxiety.

While the studies and research are still insufficient, some people advocate the use of CBD for help with anxiety based on their positive personal experiences. The human body produces endocannabinoids that help regulate sleep, memory, mood, appetite, and the reproductive system. These endocannabinoids attach to receptors in the central nervous system as well as the peripheral nervous system, and when there is a pain signal within the body, the endocannabinoid works to relieve that pain. Research indicates that the endocannabinoid system helps maintain homeostasis, or balance in the human body functions, such as reducing certain things that out of whack, or bringing down the body’s temperature during a fever, or relieving muscle pains or relaxing muscle tension.

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Some experts have delved into a theory that low levels of endocannabinoids in the system affect the body and this in turn creates an imbalance that may lead to a variety of health conditions. One of them is anxiety, which often happens when a person has low levels of serotonin in the brain. CBD oil helps boost the brain’s production of serotonin, thus calming down anxiety such as increased heart rate or respiratory difficulties. Because CBD oil does not have the high levels of THC as pure marijuana, the user does not experience the “high” commonly associated with using cannabis, so their mental processes are not altered and the oil’s natural properties work directly on the body, targeting the areas that need endocannabinoid boosts. While this happens, the CBD oil also works on maintaining the body’s homeostasis, regulating the heart rate or the blood pressure without affecting the thought processes, thus giving the person a holistic healing experience that can start to help and support you within minutes.

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A person with anxiety knows how crucial it is to control an attack within a few minutes, no matter what the trigger is. Taking a prescription medication to alleviate the symptoms of an attack is risky considering the side effects, especially if the attack happens outside the home. If the side effects include nausea or tremors, the person may not be able to continue working if he or she is in the workplace, or if he or she is in a public place, the lingering side effects may attract unwanted attention more than the anxiety attack itself. If the person uses CBD oil for anxiety, we suggest to use with caution. If the person takes it in capsule or gummy form, this can be even inconspicuous and will not attract unnecessary attention which may add to the anxiety. Another risk of prescription medication for anxiety is the danger of overdose.A person might want to take more than the usual suggested serving for a particularly difficult attack to find relief more quickly, and this poses more problems than comfort to the sufferer because of the possible side effects and the long-term damage on the body. Also, when the prescribed dosage no longer works, doctors will tend to increase the dosage or give a stronger drug instead, and this puts stress on the liver and the body will have to adjust to the new medication again, further upsetting the body’s natural processes. With the correct CBD oil serving for anxiety, the user is not in any danger of liver toxicity because it is not chemically-manufactured. There was absolutely no risk of any case of getting an overdose because using too much CBD oil for anxiety. It will only induce sleep for the user when the body becomes too relaxed but leaves no lingering effects once the person wakes up from a restful slumber. The CBD oil’s properties are helping to support the body even while the person is asleep naturally.

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While debate and studies are still ongoing regarding the effectiveness of CBD oil for anxiety, more and more people are finding its properties and prefer using this compared to commercial prescription drugs to help treat anxiety. With the lower risk of side effects, CBD oil is indeed a better alternative for anxiety treatment than expensive pharmaceutical drugs that have several side effects. Also, since there is no risk of overdose with CBD oil, a user will not experience any toxicity on the body, nor will there be a chance for addiction. Because CBD oil is derived directly from a plant and not synthesized in a lab, the effect of natural medicine is maximized and the body is rejuvenated naturally. For advocates, they believe that using nature’s cure is the best way to go, as the earth already provided us with the medicine we need, instead of chemically-created drugs that are more harmful to the body than it is helpful. If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety attacks, you can try to help by recommending switching to CBD oil as an option to help with their anxiety and see the difference between prescription medicine and a natural alternative.

What is the safest Serving of CBD for Anxiety?

The use of CBD oil for anxiety has been advocated by different individuals and some doctors. With all the benefits that are continuously being discovered, more people are switching to CBD oil because of its of the millions of people singing its praises.How does CBD help those with anxiety? Those suffering from anxiety or depression often have very low levels of serotonin – the brain may not be producing enough, and the endocannabinoid system also needs a boost to help the brain increase its production. CBD oil helps a person to relax and improve their mood and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Pharmaceutical prescription drugs also work the same way, but often have unwanted side effects, such as nausea, insomnia, or loss of appetite. Also, these medications pose a risk for dependency and overdose, which is toxic to the body when taken for long periods. CBD oil does not have these side effects and does not pose a risk for overdose.
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But even without the danger of overdose and toxicity, what is the safest serving of CBD oil for anxiety?It is vital to note that CBD oil works differently for everyone. Some may get the full serving through a small amount, while some need a larger amount to feel the relief. Since there is no regulation on the use and requires no prescription, trial and error will most likely be required to get the right amount for you.There are factors to consider in finding the right CBD oil serving for anxiety. It is best to consult with a doctor especially if you have other medications that might contraindicate with CBD. If there is no specific recommendation, start with the lowest dose, which is usually 10 mg. Observe for side effects and if you feel that your symptoms are being addressed. Gradually increase to the comfortable dosage either weekly or monthly, keeping a diary of how you feel and the amount of CBD oil intake.

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It is important to find out the concentration of the CBD in a pill, gummy, capsule, spray, or vape juice. Different products have different volumes of CBD oil in them, like a capsule may have 5 mg, and the oil tincture itself might have 10 mg per drop, so the dosage may also depend on what form of product you are using. CBD comes in different form because there are different benefits depending on how you use it. Topical is great for supporting aches and pain. Vaping is great because lung absorption is one of the fastest ways to get something into the blood stream.
Take into consideration the kind of product, whether capsule, spray, gummy, or vape juice, and which one works in giving relief from anxiety. This will involve a period of trying out different products over a course of time. Of course, the best kind of treatment will be one where you will no longer need any of them, but in any case, it is best to work with a doctor as you find the method of action that works for you and most comfortable form of CBD oil to use.
Tinctures and sublingual sprays are potent and easily absorbed by the. Edible forms like gummy candies or teas have generally lower concentrations of CBD oil so you can take more, but the effect may take longer to kick in as well. Vaporizers and smokers work fastest. Vaping popularity is on the rise and many of the pens are very subtle. Metabolism and body weight are another factor to consider in finding the right serving size for anxiety. If the person has a particularly sedentary lifestyle, the CBD oil may not be digested as quickly as a person who regularly goes to the gym. This may also mean that the reaction dissipates much quicker with a person who has a faster metabolism, causing them to take another serving of their favorite Alpine Hemp CBD product in a shorter interval.
While there is no risk for overdosing on CBD oil, your body is a fine-tuned machine. While it is extremely rare, some people have reported include diarrhea or light-headedness in very large servings of 100 mg or more. Experiencing these discomforts will require you to dial back on your CBD oil serving little by little, much like the way you did when you increased the serving size.Genetics also plays a huge role when considering a serving size of CBD for anxiety. People who are chronically stressed often need a larger amount of CBD oil to absorb.
It will not be a good idea to compare the effects on yourself to that of another person’s because CBD oil might work differently with everyone. The only way to see how effective CBD oil is to experience the results yourself. As with the serving size, keep a diary of your progress and how much CBD oil has helped your anxiety. Take note of what happens to your body when you miss a serving. Unlike prescription drugs, CBD oil does not have any reported withdrawal symptoms and there is no risk of addiction or dependency. Also, since there are extremely low levels of THC and sometimes none, the mental processes are not affected at all, making it overall safer for anxiety treatment than prescription medication in consideration to side effects.

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The most important factor to consider in CBD oil serving size is the source. Getting your CBD oil from a reputable seller is vital since using a fake or low-quality product will not give you the desired results. Purchasing from high-quality seller guarantees that the product is tested and that time and effort are taken into researching and creating the products. Ensure that the brand you are selecting has received good or excellent reviews from different buyers. High-quality sources can answer your questions professionally and will provide more than adequate knowledge about their products and how to use them, with a money-back guarantee if you find their products to be sub-par.Whatever form, serving size, or brand you choose as an option for anxiety, always keep in mind that CBD oil works differently with everyone. The best anxiety treatment is one that you no longer need, but if needed, nature has provided us with the necessary cures for our bodies’ illnesses. Natural is still the best way to go for many people.